John Fuller – President


John Fuller, President, served 10 years in low, medium, and high level security federal prisons. He is an authority of prison life and adjustments, and his ability to transition from high, medium and low security prisons throughout the northern, southern and southwestern regions of the United States is an asset to anyone facing incarceration.

As a Prison Consultant, John provides targeted, laser-focused, life-saving advice.  He fully understands the urgency of the moment when dealing with first-time offenders who are often terrified of what they are about to face.  Mr. Fuller prepares meticulously for any task at hand. He understands that only the most extensive preparation will result in effective representation of his clients during the consulting phase.  In order to be thorough, Mr. Fuller also makes sure that he knows and understands his clients, as well as the circumstances that have resulted in their need for a prison consultation. Whether his clients are self-surrendering at a camp or high level prison, he brings nothing short of the most thorough preparation, skill and diligence for the protection of his clients’ interests.

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