Prison Consulting | What Exactly Is It?

Prison consulting, also called prison coaching, is the act of providing newly convicted criminals with advice on how to cope and survive in the unfamiliar surroundings of prison. Therefore, it is the duty of an effective prison consultant to provide you with a gameplan for coping, even surviving, while in prison. Consultants charge anywhere from several hundred to many thousands of dollars, with no promises made.

As a client seeking prison consulting services, it is essential that you are able to recognize effective prison consulting practices. Let’s face it.  Going to prison for the first time can be scary.  Prison is an unknown territory that can leave you defenseless and vulnerable, which is a very dangerous state to be in a violent environment. That is why learning how to avoid the major pitfalls that every first-time offender faces while in prison can save your life.

In some instances, prison consulting may include providing your attorney with advice on how to lobby the sentencing judge for a shorter sentence, and how to get you sentenced to a lower security level prison.  This is important because the higher a prison’s security level, the more violent and dangerous it can be. And excellent prison consulting can help you accomplish this. Because all clients have different needs, consultation services can be tailored to fit your unique situation.  So if you’re in need of specific types of services, then ask the prison consultant if he or she provides such services. By doing so, you can avoid problems that can surface at a later time.

Another aspect of prison consulting involves teaching you how to thrive on probation and what prison alternatives may exist in your case. Effective prison consulting separates fact from fiction and literally prepares you and your family for life inside and after prison.  The prison consulting process can begin at the initial stage of investigation and last throughout your entire sentence.

The need for a prison consultant would not be so urgent if you have been to prison before.  But since prison consulting focuses primarily on first-time convicted individuals, the need for one couldn’t be greater.  Adding prison consulting to your arsenal of legal tools can take the fear and mystery out of going to prison.  It is best to select a prison consultant who has served a lengthy period of time in prison because he or she is able to understand the stress you are experiencing.

Good prison consulting educates you on how to obtain a lighter sentence and successful re-entry into your community. You are prepared for all investigation meetings, court, prison and probation, and should be provided with everything you need to know about Pre-Trial, Alternative Sentencing, RDAP sentence reduction program eligibility, Home Confinement and halfway Houses. You also should receive all the facts about prison and Probation. At every custody level — high, medium, low — you want to know what should happen or what’s going to happen.  Excellent prison consulting will accomplish this for you.

How you and your family prepare is important. When you’re facing prison, so are your family and friends.  When a prison consultant provides you with high quality prison consulting services regarding prison, you can have great confidence knowing that when you walk through those prison gates, you go prepared and able to successfully navigate your way through a confined environment.


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