Prison Consulting | If You Want To Survive Prison Then You Need A Prison Consultant

If you’re facing prison for the first time in your life, it can be a frightening experience.  The range of emotions your mind goes through, can drastically swing back and forth from one moment to the next like on a giant pendulum, as the day you face a jury that will decide your fate approaches. The sleepless nights that drag by, hour upon hour, and exact day and the moment you’ve dreaded has finally arrived.  The jury has reached a verdict, and the one word you never in your life wanted to hear, has been read—GUILTY!

If you have just been sentenced to serve time in prison for the first time in your life, it can be harrowing experience.  Like many people in your situation, you will probably be spending a great deal of your time wondering how you will survive once you’re inside. It isn’t something your family and friends can help you with, and they didn’t teach prison survival tactics while you were in school. Living in prison will be a new experience.  Now that your fate has been sealed, how you’re going to survive has been weighing heavily on your mind since the day you were found guilty.

In prison, life is tough. People who have spent time in jail know that for a fact.  And people who have never been to prison also know this to be an undisputed fact based on the amount of news reports and published statistics regarding prison violence and violence towards inmates in prison.

It is no secret that violent criminals continue to be violent when they are behind bars and that their victims are other prisoners. Ex-convicts will tell you about the gangs that operate in prison, and how important it is to keep clear of them if you don’t want to be physically assaulted, or perhaps being killed. That is why hiring a good prison consultant is just as important as hiring a good attorney, and at Prison Coach, our goal is to teach you everything you need to know to survive in the most hostile environment imaginable.

Our Mission

At Prison Coach, LLC, our mission is to prepare you physically and mentally, for prison.  Our goal is the make sure first-time inmates complete their sentence incident free and return to society with minimal post-prison trauma. We provide Complete Incarceration Preparation for new inmates, Re Entry Programs, Mental Services and Family Services. This includes:

1.Organizing your affairs prior to surrendering

2.Adjusting to life as an inmate

3.Rules and regulations (Both written and unwritten) set by inmate’s and BOP

4.The psychological impact of incarceration and implications for post- prison adjustment.

We consult with both men and women, along with their families, who will soon be incarcerated at a federal or state prison, or a prison camp, as a first time inmate.  We concentrate on those individuals who have been indicted or convicted of white collar crimes, drugs and other non-violent crimes.

We meet with each client to determine their specific needs and requirements. Some of the interactive features are: webinars covering aspects of incarceration, hands-on programs, family services, specific seminars targeting financial institutions, attorneys, politicians, sports, and the entertainment industry.

Prison Coach will also assist you with your PSI and explain everything it entails. We will also explain the RDAP system and how to reduce your sentence. We know the value of a perfectly organized PSI and will guide you through the possibility of sentence reduction.

The secret to our success is that we do not pass judgment and we maintain 100% confidentiality agreements with all of our clients. We guarantee our clients success in prison by implementing our  5 principals to Prison Survival.

  • All clients must be 100% drug and addiction free at their time of surrender
  • All clients will be able to effectively defend themselves in any situation
  • Each client will learn both the BOP rules and the unwritten rules of prison
  • Each client will become more powerful physically, spiritually and mentally
  • Educate clients and their families on relationship preservation behind bars.

Today, more than ever, you face a huge chance of going to prison.  One drink too many can land you in prison, if on the way home from the local bar, you lose control of your car and you kill someone.  A momentary lapse in judgment, such as embezzling money from your job, act of passion that ends in a fatality, or whatever the case maybe—can cause you to go to prison for a long time.

If Martha Stewart served time for a non-violent crime, then that means none of us are safe! Next to China, the United States has the highest rate of incarceration per head of population in the entire world! A few simple steps of preparation now could save your life!

Nothing you have experienced in your life so far will have equipped you to survive in prison. You need to learn about the dangers waiting for you on the inside. You can avoid the dangers that await you!  But you need a prison coach to do it.  And Prison Coach, is here to help.


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